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The basis for the launch of this platform can be found in Directive (EU) 2019/1151 of the European Parliament and Council of 20 June 2019 amending Directive (EU) 2017/1132 as regards the use of digital tools and processes in company law.

This directive aimed to make it possible to set up a private limited company fully online in all EU member states by August 2021. The directive provided for the possibility to extend this to the public limited company as well.

The Directives provides that this incorporation must be possible without the founders having to present or physically appear before the notary or in any other location.

In Belgium, we had already put together the different pieces of this puzzle in the last several  years. Thus, the filing of authentic deeds of incorporation could already be done electronically for the past 15 years. Since May 2020, we also have in place the digital authentic power-of-attorney.

On this platform, the missing links are completed. Here you will find a fully guided pathway  for the incorporation, from beginning to end, of a private limited company, a public limited company or a cooperative society, with the virtual assistance of a civil-law notary.

Other legal forms can also be incorporated remotely by way of videoconference with a notary. In this manner, the authentic deed of incorporation of, for instance, a general partnership, a limited partnership, but also a not-for-profit association, an international not-for-profit association or a foundation can also be executed remotely with the intervention of a notary. To this end, you will also find a number of basic data on this platform, pending the full integration of these legal forms.

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